The Lifecycle of an App

by Fergus Hurley


Like butterflies, every app goes through a lifecycle. If you skip a step or jump to a step too early then your product is more than likely going to fail. If the next stage in the lifecycle does not work then you must revisit previous stages and iterate the process again. Also, you should be talking to customers at each stage of the process.

Here are the basis stages for a social app:

– Need finding of problem
– Core concept/pitch of solution
– App Store description
– Design: feature map
– Design: UX
– Design: UI
– Design: animations
– Development: bug free app
– Distribution: launch press (also, feature updates, partnerships, milestones, etc.)
– Distribution: community management
– Distribution: social media marketing/presence & SEO
– Distribution: paid marketing (pay per install, SEM, FB ads, etc.)
– Optimization: tailor the app experience to your different types of users
– Optimization: A/B test landing pages, emails, push notifications
– End-of-Life: notify users and shutdown app (hopefully you don’t reach this stage!)

What are the stages that you use for your app lifecycle?